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Chris Elwell

Founding Partner. Funny Guy. Ideas Man. Chief Juggler.

I was drawn to IT at an early age through my appeal to problem solving. A position was created in my family home as the Chief Technology Officer at the age of 8. Since then, career highlights include spending time solving complex IT issues for the Australian Defence Force as the single point of failure for the nation’s counter terrorism capability, being a beret qualified ‘Bad Ass’ and roles within the education industry as a senior technician and manager. Beyond work I appreciate time with my family, harassing political leaders for policy change, playing lawn bowls and studying psychology.

Qualifications include: Diploma IT (Network), Cert IV WHS, Cert IV TnA, BoA, ECN-079

George Dellas

Founding Partner. Team Prodigy. IT God. Star Attraction.

I spawned this side of the millennium, and as such have a greater understanding of everything in the world than you. Luckily, I’m a full time nice guy who loves to help and brings a work ethic forged through an authentic Greek upbringing. Career highlights include being the fastest of all time to finish an IT traineeship, a former boss buying me a coffee and this same boss granting me an early knock off one warm summers day. When I’m not battling the evil IT overlords, you’ll find me battling fellow laser tag enthusiasts, partaking in various forms of the world game or mastering the family spit at Christmas.

Qualifications include: Diploma IT (Web Dev), Drivers Licence, Pen Licence